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Mother's Day Minis | Mother's Day Photo Shoot | Preston, Idaho Family Photographer

I woke up with butterflies in my stomach the day my Mother’s Day minis. Photographing a mother’s love for her children will never get old to me. I had so many beautiful and loving moms come and I am so excited to share some of my favorites. Each mom's love was evident in the way they played with, loved on, and even chased down their kids. I am grateful for the opportunities this job gives me to give these moms a lasting memory of the beautiful stage of life they are in right now. Even when the days seem long, messy, and full of body fluids from who knows who? The in between moments and details of their small feet on their mommas lap almost always end up being my favorite pictures I take for myself and deliver to my clients. The moments of life that are real and raw but show your true passion and love.

Kellie is such a beautiful and loving mom to her four adorable kids. They way then looked up to her and snuggled close by showed how much they truly care for and love her.

Aly celebrated her first Mother's Day to the happiest baby ever! Just look at that adorable smile and bright blue eyes. I loved watching them snuggle and to hear her talk about how much she loved being his momma.

Deanza's cute kids loved playing and popping bubbles while I took their pictures. She was so patient with both of them and gave them the best snuggles.

Baililynn gave this Mother's Day mini to her mom for Mother's Day as a surprise. How sweet is that? It shows how much she loves and looks up to her mom to give her lasting memories and pictures with her #1 lady in her life. I loved watching them laugh together and how patient her mom was as we took these.

Holly and Allie made my heart just burst. How stinking cute is Allie? Holly won the Mother's Day giveaway this year and won a Mother's Day mini session, a gift card to Thirst Eze. (If you haven't tired the cute pop shop with the best treats located in Preston and in Smithfield you are missing out!) Adorable earrings and matching bows for her little girl from Foxie Co, and shop credit to Simply Scrunchie. The cutest scrunchie's I have seen. Allie was so happy and I had so much fun seeing Holly's cute baby after being locker pals all through high school.

Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful, talented, and loving moms out there. We couldn't do it without you. I hope your day is perfect celebrating you and all the hard work you put in for your families.


Mother's Day Photo Shoot | Mommas & Their Babies | Preston, Idaho Family Photographer

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