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Penney | Preston High School Senior Photographer | Treasureton, ID | Harry Potter Senior Pictures

Being a senior photographer in Preston, Idaho lets me meet the best seniors around. Penney is not only beautiful, but incredibly kind, and loving. She even made brought me the most delicious caramels to her session. They were amazing by the way!

I love how each senior session is unique and centered around the things each senior loves. Penney is a big Harry Potter fan and brought her book collection. And check out her jewelry. How cool! Reading in the sunflower field just made that night even more incredible.

Penney and her mom had found some fun locations for her summer senior session. Sign me up for every senior session in a sunflower field, with an old train car, a tall grassy field, and some grain bins. So pretty! I'm already looking forward to hanging out with her and her family again for their fall family session in the beautiful leaves.

Good luck with your senior year Penney! You got this. Go Indians!

Let me know if you can find the butterfly making its big debut in one of these pictures ;)

Such a fun surprise while I was editing.


Preston High School Senior | Class of 2020 | Harry Potter Senior Pictures

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