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Rylee Senior Pictures | Franklin County High School | Class of 2020 | Covid 19 Graduate | Idaho

Senior year is such an exciting time of year, but this year with Covid 19 it threw everyone for a loop. Especially the class of 2020 that was preparing to hit the "real world" after graduation. They definitely got to learn that life doesn't go as planned lesson early, but missed out on so many of the fun activities that happen at the end of the year. My heart hurt for them as I got to take their senior pictures and hear how their plans had changed, but so proud of each of them as I heard them say how they jumped every hurdle along the way.

I met Rylee and her family last spring. You can see their fun family session here. They had just moved from Salt Lake and Craig was looking to get new family pictures taken. A simple google search and he found my contact information. I met them and seriously had so much fun spending the night laughing along with their family.

Rylee was a 2020 senior at Franklin County High School here in Preston Idaho. Covid 19 may have changed the end of the school year but it didn't stop this cute girl from still graduating. Congrats Rylee! I wish can't wait to see all the things you accomplish.


Idaho Senior Photographer | Water Senior Pictures | Cute Dress Senior Pictures | Class of 2020

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