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Hey There

Kylee Green Photography started in 2016 with a girl who wanted every stage of my growing toddler documented. The last 8 years have taught me lots of tips and tricks on how to get your toddler on board with a stranger taking their picture, coaching you through all the poses, navigating your wedding party to get through pictures quickly, and making your photo experience stress free and enjoyable.

Kylee is known for bright and timeless pictures you love hanging on your wall, natural and relaxed posing, amazing client experience, and making pictures fun. Even for the grumpy dads and wild kids.

About Me

Hi! I’m Kylee, the girl behind the camera.

As a wife of 11 years and a mom of 4, my family is so important to me. Because of that, I know how important documenting those new milestones and important events in your life are. Your session is not just an appointment on my calendar. I look forward to finding a way for you to treasure these important moments in a tangible form.

 I try my best to live a healthy lifestyle but you’ll never see me pass up on a double stuff Oreo. All time best cookie! I’m a water addict and it drives my husband crazy but I have always been known to have a water bottle stashed away somewhere in my  diaper bag before Stanley made it cool.

As a kid I wanted to be a dance teacher when I grew up. The older I got I realized my passion to be able to keep the most sacred moments more than a memory. It's the only way we can freeze a moment in time that shows our love and reflects real life moments. There is something special about being able to show people the beauty in themselves only others see because we are too busy tearing ourselves down. I want you to feel and look as beautiful as you really are and capture it in a picture for you to look back on. That’s why I became a photographer.

You can almost always find me reading or listening to a book, hanging out at the lake, being a professional Uber driver to my kids, or jamming out to Taylor Swift.


I fell in love with photography when I got the first row ticket to your most special moments with the people you care the most about. Seeing people go from telling me “We are awkward at pictures.” To saying at the end “that was so much fun!”

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