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About Me

Hi! I’m Kylee, the girl behind the camera. I’ve been married to my husband for 11 years. We met on a blind date with other people, and I am a forever believer in blind dates. Maybe that’s why I love watching The Bachelor so dang much .️ We have 4 crazy, but freaking adorable kids. They have turned me into a professional diaper changer. I mean if there was ever an event in the Olympics for it, I'm pretty sure I would get a gold medal.  I feel no shame in the messy bun and spit up on my clothes look. I practiced the whole mom gig for over 12 years with my baby doll (yes, I realize I was a little too old to still be playing with dolls) and being the oldest of four kids.

My family is so important to me. Because of that, I know how important documenting those new milestones and important events in your life are. Your session is not just an appointment on my calendar. I look forward to finding a way for you to treasure these important moments in a tangible form.

 I try my best to live a healthy lifestyle but you’ll never see me pass up on a double stuff Oreo. All time best cookie! I’m a water addict and it drives my husband crazy but I always have a water bottle stashed away somewhere in my giant Mary Poppins bag I call a diaper bag. But seriously, that thing weighs at least 15 pounds at all times.  

As a kid I wanted to be a dance teacher when I grew up. The older I got I realized my passion to be able to keep the most sacred moments more than a memory. It's the only way we can freeze a moment in time that shows our love and reflects real life moments. There is something special about being able to show people the beauty in themselves only others see because we are too busy tearing ourselves down. I want you to feel and look as beautiful as you really are and capture it in a picture for you to look back on and get those warm fuzzies over how much you love the way you look in your photos. That’s why I became a photographer.

You can almost always find me with at least one kid on my hip, or my camera in my hand. Sometimes both because, well #momlife . I’m a believer in cheering on others, working hard, trying new things, and making dreams a reality. I fell in love with photography when I got the first row ticket to your most special moments with the people you care the most about. Seeing people go from telling me “We are awkward at pictures.” To saying at the end “that was so much fun!” I love getting to see people’s soft side and hear about all their dreams. 


Let's have fun and shoot those bright, timeless pictures you will love hanging on your wall that are filled with rich color and show off your happiness.




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