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Sunrise Engagements In The Mountains | June Wedding | Idaho Photographer | Sunflower Engagements|

I would definitely consider myself a night owl! So if you know me, you know you have to be pretty special to get me to wake up before sunrise! This photo shoot was exactly what made it worth it! The beautiful green colors up in the mountains with the crisp cool air in the summer along with my cute cousin and her fiancé were the perfect combination. Millie and John were darling together and it was a dream photographing the love they have for each other.

I was able to go to one of my favorite places to take these pictures, and it is no wonder why it is one of my top locations! There is such a versatile aesthetic every which way you look in the mountains. We were able to get photos of the bright sunflowers, rocky mountains, and the river all within a mile or two of each other. Every time I am at this location I realize again how grateful I am to live so close to here!

Every couples love is so unique and I feel so lucky to be able to be a little part of each of my couples story by photographing their love that they will cherish forever. I love how giddy and excited they were to be married. It made me reflect on my own engagement period nine years ago. We were such babies looking forward to our lives together with big dreams and goals! My biggest lesson that I have learned in nine years is that life is bound to have hard times. Know that when your own marriage gets hard, the people that you look up to that have strong marriages also went through hard times. It's making it through them and learning to serve each other every day that will strengthen that bond.




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