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Tips for taking family photos | How to prepare for family photos | Preston Idaho photographer |

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Taking family photos can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be! I have put together a few tried and true tips to help your family photos go as smoothly as possible.


Try to book in advance so that you can make sure your date is available! After contacting me to book your session, I will be in contact with you throughout the coming weeks/ months to make sure that everything you envisioned for your pictures goes well! I love going to locations that you pick and are special to you and your family! If you don't have a location in mind- do not worry! I have several amazing locations that I can suggest and help you chose from.

If possible try to look at the days surrounding your session to help you better pick the best date for you. Is there a lake day you are planning that there is a possibility of family members getting sunburned at? Do you have something in the morning of the date you were thinking that may make it hard to get back in time for pictures? I want to help your pictures go as smooth as possible and sometimes scheduling the correct day is all that is needed to take a little extra stress out of photos!


I like to stick with just a few tips to help you and your family look your very best in their pictures! Try to get some quality sleep the night before your scheduled shoot! Sometimes that is easier said than done, but effort is what is encouraged! I also tell my clients to try to drink a lot of water a few days leading up to your shoot! Not only will you be hydrated, but your skin will also look bright and youthful (and who doesn't want that?!). If you choose to wear makeup, I always go by the rule of thumb of adding just a touch more blush and eye makeup than your every day routine. That way the camera won't wash out any part of your face. I always enjoy giving myself a little bit more time for self care on the week of my shoot. It seems like caring for yourself and your skin always goes on the back burner when taking care of your family. What better time to try to schedule in a few minutes here and there to paint your fingernails and get your hair done?!

Before trying to change ANYTHING about the way that you look, I hope to help you understand that you are documenting this season of your life, and this season doesn't need to be portrayed as perfect! Getting pictures taken is so important for preserving these memories for generations! Your family will look back at these pictures and remember you for YOU, truly the most special treasure to hold on to.


I like to tell the moms to pick out their outfit first, and then match your family accordingly. As you look for the perfect outfit for you please remember that clothes are supposed to fit you, not you fit the clothes! Dresses are always very flattering in photographs! If you chose to wear a dress, I recommend wearing a medium or long dress because short dresses can be difficult when taking any seated pictures.

Don't wear matching clothes, instead wear clothes that compliment each other! Jeans and the exact same color of shirt are perfect for a family reunion, but maybe not the most ideal for professional family pictures. I like to tell my clients to pick a complimentary color palette. You can never go wrong with earth tones and neutrals! I also do not suggest any t-shirts with writing on them! If you are worried about patterns clashing, you are probably right! I personally like to put my family in solid colors, or only have one patterned shirt amongst the entire family.

Lay out your clothes on the bed a few days before hand so you can make sure everything is washed and clean, and then you can set all the clothes aside for the day of. Nothing is worse than looking for the shirt you envisioned your little boy wearing only to find that it is crumpled up in the bottom of the laundry pile (we've all been there)! Setting out all your clothes, even down to socks for everyone, is the perfect recipe for a painless, stress free day! If you are worried about anyone in the family getting their clothes dirty while driving to the shoot I also encourage you to just bring the clothes along and arrive a few minutes early to the shoot to get dressed.


It is often times worrisome for the mom planning the family photos because she is nervous her family won't cooperate. Let's be honest, standing in front of a camera with a smile pasted on their face doesn't sound like the most fun thing for most dads and kiddos! That is exactly why I love putting your mind at ease letting you know that in addition to the expected posed photos, I LOVE capturing your family in its real, raw form. Tickle fights, playing tag, and kissing your babies are just a few of my favorite additional poses that you will be given when you book a session with Kylee Green Photography. I encourage you to let the stress of perfect pictures be put aside, because I can promise you that you will cherish the candid pictures of you snuggling your sad baby so much when they are grown.

I always encourage my families to plan a fun family night after the photo shoots! Stopping to get ice cream, picking up a Redbox to watch at home, or playing board games is just a few simple ideas that could help your little ones have something to look forward to when you finish up pictures! I have found with my own family that this works wonders for my kids to know that pictures aren't the only thing I have planned for the night!

If you feel like a full session still isn't the right choice for your family in this season of your life, I always offer mini sessions! Mini sessions are the perfect length for squirmy kids and impatient dads. They are great to update the frames in your house and get a few pictures snapped of your family during this stage of life.


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