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Walker | Lemon Bath | Preston Idaho Children Photographer | 6 Month Pictures

One of the few reasons I became a Preston Idaho photographer was because I loved having milestone pictures of my own babies. I had been planning this lemon bath photo shoot for Walker's 6 month pictures for awhile and could hardly wait once that big bin came in the mail. Thank goodness for Amazon delivery. Am I right? No mom with 3 small children has time to haul that many kids in and out of a store looking for the perfect bin to take pictures in. Scrolling Amazon is more my style and turned out more than perfect.

Being a photographer I know the importance of capturing the little things that I want to remember for a lifetime. Walkers big bright blue eyes and fuzzy hair make my heart want to explode every time I look at him. Being the third child I know how quickly this stage would go by and that fuzzy hair wouldn't stick straight up in the air anymore. It's my favorite thing about him right now and I never want to forget why we called him "fuzz head" as a baby. I doubt you will still love that nickname as you get older ;) ha

Highlights of your last 6 months:

-Starting 2019 with the cutest little (our biggest) baby to snuggle with

-Watching the rolls on your arms and legs get bigger and bigger because of your pure love of food (milk and big people food)

-When you finally learned to drink from a bottle so mom could leave you with Dad to take pictures

-Your tongue that always hangs out

-Love for mom carrying you in the carrier

-Kenidys #1 fan

-Sits up by himself, plays with toes, rolls all over the place

-Perfect addition to our family

We love you Walker Boss! Thanks for making the last 6 months full of so much happiness. (Ok, lets be real here-by time I am blogging these cute pictures he's pretty much 10 months.) You win some, you loose some. We can't all be good at everything. At least they got blogged, right?

Thank you for letting me take pictures of your awesome family. I am so excited to share that your gallery is all ready for you to see and to download! I loved going through all the pictures and reliving our session as I hand picked and edited each image.  I hope that you fall in love with them the second you see them! I LOVE when my clients share their images.

I mean, it's not official until it's on Facebook/Instagram, right? You are more than welcome to share your images on social media, I just ask one favor of you! Would you mind crediting my work and not adding any

Best Preston Idaho Children's Photographer | Lemon Bath | Fuzzy Hair Baby | 6 Month Pictures

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