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Alyssa | Girl Soccer Senior Pictures | Girl Basketball Senior Pictures | Preston, Id Senior Pictures

Preston High School has the best seniors around! And Alyssa is one of a kind. She not only is a superstar on the soccer field and basketball court, but she is one of the funniest girls I have had the opportunity to take pictures of. I have known Alyssa since she was just a tiny baby (literally) and have loved watching her talents grow and see the smart and fun girl she is now. I'll save the throwback picture of her and I together when she was about 4 years old for another day. Or maybe not? Those awkward Jr High days hit me hard. Nobody wants to see that ;) We'll just focus on how bomb Alyssa looks in her senior pictures.

Alyssa loves both soccer and basketball and has a killer opportunity to show her hard work she has put into both when she attends Blue Mountain Community College to play both soccer and basketball in Pedleton, Oregon in the fall. How cool is that? Way to go Alyssa! Congrats on all your hard work and dedication paying off.

Love you Lys! Good luck this fall.


Preston High School Senior | Girl Basketball Senior Pictures | Girl Soccer Senior Pictures | Senior Photographer in Preston, Idaho | Class of 2019

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