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Tately | Preston Senior | Fall Senior Pictures | Cowgirl Senior Pictures | Class of 2021

I'm so grateful to live in Preston in the fall. It gives the most gorgeous backdrops to show off it's incredible beauty and vibrant colors. Tately and I hit up my favorite location in it's prime and I couldn't wait to get home to edit these bad boys even though we woke up before the sun to get the best lighting. Not many people can get me to wake up for a morning session, but if you have ever had the chance to hang out with the Talbot's, you know that your up for a fun time. Even if it means

getting up way earlier than I am used to.

When Tately messaged me about her senior pictures it gave me that little kid giddy feeling. I had taken her family's pictures last fall. You can find them here. And it was by far one of my favorite family sessions to date. Tately is such a doll and her senior session was perfection! I don't know that I can pick which of her looks are my fav, but I'm a big fan of her cowgirl getup. Like for real! She makes me want to try my hand at being a cowgirl, but I'll just leave that one up to her. We all know I can't live up to that.

One of my favorite things about Tatley is her contagious smile. It brings a smile to anyone around her. Her sense of humor is a close second. My cheeks were so sore after our session together from smiling so dang much. Well, enough of my small talk. Scroll down to see this incredible fall senior session.

Fall Senior Pictures | Idaho Senior Photographer | 2021 Senior | Preston Idaho Senior Photographer


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