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Barnard Family | Preston, Idaho Family Photographer

When Lisa messaged me about taking her adorable family's photos I couldn't help but do a silent party dance. Can you blame me? They are all 10/10 and so fun to be around. I'm grateful between football season and Lisa and Jer being busy both owning their own companies we were able to find a time to take their pictures.

Lisa has cut my hair for the past few years and owns Trends Salon in Preston, Idaho. She is sweet, funny, and kind. Lisa and Jer have been married for 20 years and look like they are still in the "newly married" stage of life. Couple goals, am I right?

Kaden, Libby, and Brock had me laughing so hard as they tried to reenact a favorite photo of when they were little. Hanging upside down on a fence works much better when your little and your head doesn't already touch the ground when you hang. When the boys attempted to give their sister a cow kiss I couldn't keep my laughter to myself. I love how family pictures shows the unique love each family has. There is no doubt there is lots of laughter and joking in the Barnard home.


Barnard Family | Preston, Idaho Family Photographer | Bridge Photographs

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