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Barrington Sisters | Green Canyon Fall Pictures | Logan Utah Children's Photographer

Jr High is such an emotional time of life and the teachers there can make such a difference without realizing the impact they are having. Mrs. Barrington (It seems weird to call her Christina ha) was one of my favorite teachers while going to Jr High. I loved her classes and having her as my track coach. She made me feel like I was needed on the team even though I was not good. Like at all. My short little legs never got me very far very fast. So when she asked me to take pictures of her cute girls I was thrilled.

This was the first time I had met her girls . Can you believe these two are twins? + their cutest sidekick Annabelle. She wanted some updated pictures of her adorable girls and a few to put on a baptism announcement. These girls are all stunning and made my job easy. They even climbed up the mountain with me (in heels) to make it up to the cave. Christina wins mom of the year award for piggy backing one of them all the way back down. In flip flops none the less. Packing a pre teen down a rocky hill is not for

the weak.

Having two sisters myself I treasured my time with these girls knowing how hard it can be to see eye to eye right now but how important they will be to each other as they get older. Built in best friends, cheerleader, and always your go to person.

Green Canyon is incredible all times of the year, but the fall has an extra special beauty. The leaves were just starting to change right before this sister session and made all the beauty of Green Canyon really come to life.


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