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Beckstead Extended Family | Extended Family Preston, Idaho Photographer

There are not many things greater than having your family all together. Add a birthday on top of that, and it's easily one of the best weekends all summer. Mark and Amy have three awesome kids, and knew that she would love an updated family picture for her birthday. I always love when family 's give their mom the gift of family pictures. It's something memorable, something she will love forever, and something she will look at every day and think of how grateful she is for every single person in that picture. Win-Win!

I spent so many nights and have countless memories at Beckstead home. Brooke and I were best friends for a couple years in elementary school in Preston, ID. Almost every weekend was spent at either hers or my own house. We watched Mean Girls on repeat, and thought we were pretty bad A because we weren't 13 yet and were watching a PG-13 movie haha I loved how comfortable I felt at there house and learned to love her family as my own. So to say I wasn't excited to see them all again when their awesome daughter in law asked me if I was available to take their family pictures would be a lie. They are all so kind, loving, and fun to be around.

This sunflower field was the perfect spot to take this extended family session. And you can't top how pretty and green everything is in June. Add an adorable family to the mix and you have yourself some incredible family pictures. Thanks for having a birthday so I could take your family's pictures Amy! You and Mark have a lot to be proud of. And don't get me started on how cute your grand kids are.


Preston, Idaho Extended Family Photographer | Banida, Idaho | Mark Beckstead Family

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