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Bunderson Family Pictures | Preston, Idaho Fall Family Photos

Growing up you take for granted the wonderful people that surround you. The Bunderson family was in my ward all growing up. They are such a great family and I loved being able to take their family pictures. Barbara, Jason, Cody, Jessica, and Justin were such good sports and so patient while they waited for Ty to be ready to get his pictures taken.

A freak storm with heavy rain and hail made us have to reschedule, and with Justin leaving for basic training we only had a few weeks to come up with a new time to get their family pictures taken before he left. This October evening ended up being beautiful and perfect for family pictures.

It was so sweet to watch Jason and Barbara with their sweet grandson. It was very evident how much he loved them. On the way to our location Ty had fallen asleep and was wanting no part in having to get family pictures taken. Barbara sang wheels on the bus and snuggled him and we were even able to get a few smiles out of him. Wonderful grandparents are hard to come by, but its obvious that Ty has great ones!


Bunderson Family Pictures | Preston, Idaho Fall Family Photos| Bridge Family Pictures

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