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Choosing Outfits for Senior Pictures | Senior Outfit Inspiration

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

Wanna hear something great? Your senior pictures are ALL about you! And I want you to be able to get the looks you want. Bring as many outfits as you want. Your session has no set outfit changes. (Yay!) If you only want one, bring one. If you want a few different looks, bring some options by all means. Ask me for help if you have questions. We will go over all outfits when we first meet, so I can help make suggestions. Don't hesitate to message me before hand if you would like my help before your session too.

Bring clothes you love! Anything you feel comfortable and confident in. If you don't feel confident, it will show in your pictures. Here are a few tips to help make your pictures stand out and help you feel your best.

Once you have picked out your outfits, hang them up a week in advance to make sure they are wrinkle free or remind you if it is something that will need to be dry cleaned. Then you have time to get it back in time.

* Quick Tip: Create a Pintrest board with outfits you love to help you figure out what you want to wear from your own closet, borrow from a friend, or go on a mini shopping spree. I mean who doesn't love shopping? But don't feel like what you have already in your closet isn't just perfect.

Make Your Eyes Pop

If you have blue or green eyes, bring one outfit that is that color and your eyes will POP!

*Quick Tip: If you wear glasses, visit with your optometrist and see if they can loan you a pair with no lenses. Or you can choose not to war your glasses during your session. The lens glare can make it hard to see your eyes. I try my best to avoid it, but sometimes it inevitable.


Adding accessorizes brings so much texture to your photos. Consider wearing hats, watches, scarves, earrings, necklaces, hair accessories, belts, or jackets. Pick one or two for each outfit and your photographs will really stand out.

*Quick Tip: Put your jewelry in small bags and attach them to the hanger of the outfit you are going to wear it with. Less tangling and you won't forget it!


Texture can come in lots of forms. A large knit sweater, a fun scarf, a shirt with ruffles, sunglasses or even fun boots. If you've got texture in your closet-bring it!


It can be a vest, cardigan, scarf, or jacket. The best thing about layers is they can be taken off and mixed up to give a totally different look.

What To Avoid

You want the main focus of your photographs to be you. Avoid shirts with sayings or logos and even bright colored tops that will reflect onto your neck or face. For example: neon or red.

Any tops that are close to your skin tone, baggy clothes that make you seem larger than you are, or tight clothes that you feel uncomfortable in. You want to feel 10/10 with your outfit choice.


I suggest bringing a few different options. Usually pick at least two- something fun, more dressy, something totally you, your prom dress, or your uniform. Anything you love to do your senior year, let's implement that into your senior pictures.

Make It Your Own

Show your style. Are you a member of a sports team? Bring your uniform! Do you have a cool ride? Drive it to the location. Do you love to hunt? Bring your gun or bow. Want a few in your cap and gown? Bring it! Do you love to paint? Bring a canvas and paints. Do you play in the band? Bring your instrument. What makes you you? Showing your passions and hobbies is important to me.

I can't wait to see what outfits you decide and help make your senior year an experience you won't forget.


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