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Christmas Tree Pictures | Traditions

I'm a sucker for Christmas traditions, and getting pictures of my kids under the tree is one of my favorite traditions. I'm always amazed how much they change from year to year, but somehow each year they end up getting cuter and cuter. Dang, I'm lucky to be their mom.

This year we are more excited than ever before for Christmas morning. The magic of Christmas is high as they are both old enough to anticipate the big day. Kenidy has been counting down for weeks for Santa's big arrival. Vince sees Santa anywhere and gets all giddy and says "Santa" on repeat in the cutest little voice. Although, so far they are both more intrigued by the idea of Santa than the actual man. There may have been a few tears and scary moments when we have taken them to see Santa and he asks them to sit on his lap. One day we will get there willingly rather than being bribed.

Kenidy was able to write her own letter to Santa this year! She told him all about how good she has been, and how she would leave him milk, cookies, and some pizza, and carrots for his reindeer. She's trying to talk us into letting her spend the night on the couch so she can hopefully catch Santa setting out her new toys. Her wish list changes daily, but we are excited to see her face when she sees what Santa actually brings her. She has told Santa both times she has sat on his lap that she would like a Razor (battery powered car/razor her and Vince and ride in together) but every time we ask she tells us something different. I think it's safe to say she will be happy with anything. In her letter she let Santa know that mom would like exercise stuff, dad would enjoy hunting stuff, and to please bring Vince a dinosaur toy. At least she is looking out for the whole family, right? Although I would like something different than exercise stuff for myself...

Vince loved putting stickers, tracing his hand, and drawing circles on his own letter to Santa. He thought it was great taking his letter to the library and sticking it in the big Santa mailbox. Trucks and to become a big brother are on his wish list this year.

Mom is hoping Santa will come a few days late to deliver that brother/sister for the kids and just bring the kids toys on Christmas Eve. This will be our 5th Christmas having little kids getting excited about Christmas morning. And each year is more exciting than the last. There is something so magical about the anticipation of what Santa is going to bring. But this year has had such a special, much more spiritual meaning to Christmas as we are anxiously awaiting our own little baby due just 4 days after Christmas. I have thought of my self in Mary’s shoes. The joy of motherhood and the intense love she must have had for baby Jesus. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle of Christmas. I am very grateful for the reminder of the real reason why we celebrate this wonderful season.

Merry Christmas! ♥/ Justin, Kylee, Kenidy (4 1/2), & Vince (20 months)


Christmas Tree Pictures| Preston, Idaho Photographer | Traditions

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