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Crane Family Pictures | Cache Valley Family Photographer

One of my greatest joys growing up was going to dance. Vanessa and I were in the same dance class all growing up. From when we were tiny until high school.

I love that photography lets me see childhood friends that I wouldn't have otherwise been able to hang out with and see their cute families. When Vanessa asked me to take her family's pictures I was excited. She had just had a new baby a few months back and daannng is she cute! I love, love, love chubby baby cheeks. And Ellie has some of the cutest chubby cheeks I have seen.

Ellie was a trooper even in the freezing cold. November can be chilly but the dang wind thought it should join us that day. Even with a red nose she gave us smiles. 

I loved seeing Vanessa be a mom to her sweet little girl. Jordan was always sneaking kisses on Ellie's cute cheeks and it was evident that she is the light of their world. Ellie is lucky to have such amazing parents that love her so much. They were kind, loving, and patient with her even when Ellie was fussy and cold.


Crane Family Pictures | Cache Valley Family Photographer

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