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Crookston Family | Mountain Family Pictures | Dayton Canyon | Idaho Family Photographer

The first time I took Eva's pictures was such a party that I couldn't wait for her to bring her boys along for the fun this time. You can check out her fun 30th birthday shoot here. Every birthday deserves to be celebrated and Eva knows just how to celebrate.

I love this location up Dayton Canyon with it's amazing mountain views and lush green bushes. I was really excited when I found it and couldn't wait to do my mini sessions here. The weather had been sketchy all day but we lucked out with a perfect overcast evening.

Every parent loves their kids, but Eva and Aldon hit a new level of love. Brayton doesn’t just hear them tell him that they love him throughout the day, but they show him too. It was obvious that he loved and respected them just as much. After spending the evening with them, it made me want to up my parenting game. And does it not just give you all the warm fuzzies when you see these pictures? Thanks for the fun night Crookston family!


Preston Idaho Family Photographer | Dayton Canyon | Mountain Family Pictures | Crookston Family

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