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Grandma & Grandpa Geddes

My entire life I looked up to Grandma and Grandpa and spent countless hours at their house. It was a highlight of my childhood to live less than a block away from them. So many of my favorite memories growing up were at their house. Playing house, turning an entire bedroom into a library, sleepovers on the tramp, playing in the sand pile, the climbing tree, the countless family dinners, sitting on grandma's lap while she read me a story, riding on the tractor with grandpa. I loved it all!

Growing up everyone in the neighborhood called Grandma "Grandma Jo" too. It used to bug me but as I got older I realized how special it was to be able to have others call her grandma too. She is always making everyone feel loved and that they really matter. She really is like a grandma to all. Grandma always makes sure you have more food than your belly needed and has the best cereal in the cupboard. In high school I loved driving my their house and seeing grandma out in her yard waving at me. Every time I knew I could count on her being there with a big smile and waving. We would call each other for every beautiful moon and even now when I see a full moon I think of grandma. I knew that if I ever needed anything grandma would be there for me no matter what. Even now it's not uncommon to find a text on my phone from Grandma telling me she loves me or that she is thinking of me.

Grandpa is one of the hardest workers I have ever seen! Also one of the best fisherman out there. It was common to look out the window and see grandpa out "fishing in the road" ha it's a real thing! Just ask Grandpa ;) He also is one of the wisest guys I've ever met. Grandpa was my math tutor for pre-algebra and good thing too or I never would have passed. It takes more than brains to tutor the majority of your grand kids in math. It requires a lot of love and patience. Grandpa is good at all 3.

I loved knowing that they would be in the stands for every dance or piano recital. They have always been one of my biggest supporters. I'm sure all 14 of their grand kids would all say the same thing. The best part of raising my own family in Preston is knowing that my own kids are blessed by knowing and being able to form their own relationships with Grandma and Grandpa Great. My kids all love going to their house! It's evident they love being grandparents to no end.

I have always thought they were perfectly in love, strong in the gospel, willing to serve to no end, and loved with all their might. Love you Grandma & Grandpa. Thanks for being the perfect role models. Happy Anniversary!


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