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Green Family Fall Family Photos | Preston Idaho Fall Family Photographer

As I look back over 2019 and think of one word to describe the year it would definitely be HUMBLING.

Lets just say 3 kids is no joke. Hard work! Lots of tears (on both sides, from the kids and from me) I've had to ask for help from Justin, family members, and had to make real expectations of what my days will look like. I call it a success if we're all ready for the day by noon. Most days that seems like a stretch.

Humbled as I watched a fresh new babe from heaven be placed on my chest. The troubles of the world no longer seemed to matter as we soaked in all of his newborn bliss. We took full advantage of his winter birth and spent so much time loving on and enjoying him at home it seemed like the bad in the world wasn't still happening when a miracles like this new baby just came to our family.

As I watched several health scares with family members and how the Lord gave them the strength they needed to get through it I was deeply humbled and grateful. And for the blessing and knowledge of those working in health care. Grateful Walker grew out out of his breathing issue from swallowing too much amniotic fluid when he was born that made us take him to the ER the same night we brought him home from the hospital.

Humbled every time someone supported me and asked me to take their family photos. The pictures they will hang on their walls, send out on their Christmas cards, and that represent their love for one another.

As I taught my cute little sunbeams each week I was humbled at how tender their hearts are as they tried to come up with the words of how much their Heavenly Father loved each of them. How a child's faith can be so strong at such a young age.

2019 didn't come with it's hard times too, but man, I can't help but be grateful for all it did give us. At the top of the list our little Walker Boss. The jobs we have that support our dreams for our family, the amazing family we have that are there to cheer us on each and every day. These are the days we will tell our grand kids about when they see these pictures of our family and think "Holy cow! You guys had a lot of kids really close together." Yup! And every day was hard work. Yet every day our hearts grew and Heavenly Father helped fill in the cracks for when it all seemed "too much."

Here's to the adventures and lessons of 2020!


2019 Family Recap | Family Photographer Preston Idaho | Cache Valley Family Photographer

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