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Harper 18 Months | Cache Valley Children Photographer

Harper is the most adorable 18 month little girl, with that cheesy grin and bouncy curls. I loved hanging out with her and her cute mom to document this fun stage she is in right now. Harper was a little nervous at first but warmed right up to me after we threw some rocks together. Her mom, Elise, needed some updated head shots for her R +F business she is rocking and it made for the perfect mommy and me candid pictures mixed in with some fun pictures to hang on the wall and details of how cute Harper's little hands, smile, and curly hair is right now.

I love getting to photograph kids, because it makes me feel right at home. I have 3 wild little ones of my own so it makes my job easy to find ways to connect to each kid and make getting their pictures be a fun experience. Harper brought a stuffed horse that she loves to play with at home and it was so cute to see her try and feed it rocks, snuggle it, and make sure it's legs were just where she wanted them to be. It's fun when kids bring things from home that they love to help remember how they interacted with their favorite toys and help show off the fun stage each kid has. Her stuffed horse was the perfect touch.

It looked like it was going to be a gray and chilly evening but the sun came out just in time for us to take her pictures and ended up being a beautiful evening for us to throw rocks, ride stuffed animals, and

climb stairs.

Thanks for playing with me Harper!


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