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How Kylee Green Photography Started | Photographer in Preston, ID

Hey! I'm Kylee. Professional baby snuggler (don't confuse that with smuggler) lover of the Bachelor, and blind date believer. I'm obsessed with trying to find a way to keep my kids little, but have found that only pictures can do that. So, I became a photographer 3 years ago and drive my husband crazy with the "storage full" icon on all our phones and computer. 

My husband came to me one day with what seemed like a crazy idea. He asked me “have you ever thought about becoming a photographer?” It was something I had always been interested in, but felt like I couldn’t peruse because I had friends that were photographers. I have always loved taking pictures and had saved every penny I earned to buy my first digital camera when I was about 12. It was shaped like a brick, but I loved that thing and took all sorts of pictures that I thought were amazing. Turns out, they weren't that great, but hey we all have to learn somehow. I pushed my fears aside and bought my first professional camera the end of 2015. My daughter, Kenidy, became my go to model and I learned the ins and out of my camera by practicing on her, attending classes and workshops, lots of YouTube searches, and some trial and error. She still is one of my favorite things to photograph, including her two brothers. Except for now I get the images I always dreamed of having to document their every stage.

  As a kid I wanted to be a dance teacher when I grew up. The older I got I realized my passion to be able to keep the most sacred moments more than a memory. It's the only way we can freeze a moment in time that shows our love and reflects real life moments. There is something special about being able to show people the beauty in themselves only others see. That’s why I became a photographer. Memories fade no matter how much we think we will remember. There is something so special about having a good picture with you your loved ones. I'm grateful for the extra push from my husband to pursue something I thought I couldn't do, and for you for trusting me with your most special moments.

I love capturing everyone's unique love and being apart of helping you tell your story for years to come.

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