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Best Of 2019 | Kylee Green Photography | Year in Review | Senior Family Couples Photographer

2019 was the best year yet for Kylee Green Photography. 2019, you were a good one! A turning point in my business. Stretched me further than any other. Let me work with some amazing companies and add commercial work to sessions I offer. Let me hang out with the most incredible families that often times left my cheeks hurting from smiling and laughing too hard, covered my fridge in graduation announcements from pictures I took (so humbling), took me to peoples most exciting day to photography my first weddings, and to the most heart breaking days as I photographed a funeral in tears as I realized once again how fragile life is. You’ve supported and cheered me on and I’ll forever be grateful for all of you and the opportunity you have given me. Happy New Year! Thanks for all of your love and support and for the opportunity you give me to be apart of your families and hear about all your hopes and dreams as you get ready to graduate or start a life together as husband and wife.

I learned so much in 2019, got to work with the most amazing clients, and expanded and defined my brand. My goal was to make every client feel beautiful and worth being photographed. For them to look at their pictures and see happiness. Every goal I set for my business was exceeded by over 25%. I ended the year with the opportunity to shoot 77 sessions. As I looked back over each session and tried to pick just one favorite it made me even more grateful for each of you and made we want to go back to all of those days shooting with you.

Enjoy reliving 2019 with me as we look back from one photo from each session.

Seniors quickly became a favorite session to shoot. To hear all the exciting things each one had planned for after graduation, getting to incorporate all their passions in their photos, and seeing my fridge full of announcements made me giddy with excitement. I felt like I truly made a new friend after every session.

I had started out 2019 not feeling like couples were my strong point. I practiced, spent too much time on Pinterest, and worked hard to show my couples love for one another through their photos and ended 2019 feeling confident in portraying that love. I even got the opportunity to shoot 2 weddings and loved being apart of their special day. I loved getting to photograph all these amazing couples for their anniversary, maternity, graduation, and engagements photos.

Family photography will always be my baby. I love being apart of each of your family's for the evening. I know how much your family's mean to you and enjoy creating photos that show your devotion and appreciation for one another. My favorite thing to hear is when the session is through the dad/husband say "Ok, I was expecting this to be awful, but it was actually kinda fun." Getting to shoot in new locations, having families travel from Salt Lake to have me be their photographer, taking a family's first family pictures since adopting their long awaited baby, getting a natural rainbow sun flare in a family photo that had just lost their father just months before, and crossing of getting to take family pictures with horses off my bucket list was the highlight of the year.

Documenting milestones has always been important to me. So you can bet I made Walker show off that fluffy hair of his a time or two. Or maybe three. He didn't complain too much so I took advantage. I've dreamed of a baby in a cute tub full of fruit for years. It was even cuter than I imagined. This 30th birthday shoot was a top 5 favorite shoot of all time. The details and all things girly made it to die for. And catching up with an old friend for her daughters newborns started the year off perfectly.

I added commercial work to sessions I offered in 2019 and I'm never looking back. It was so fun to meet with other business owners and shooting their products. Seeing my own photos on someone else's website made me ecstatic. No better feeling!

For Fun:

I hosted my first styled shoot and I'm thinking this needs to become a yearly tradition. You can see the full session here. Dancing on the beach with smoke bombs and music must happen again. I came home from that session with my cup overflowing with creativity and desire to make more sessions like this one.

School dances I always find myself on social media trying to see all the dresses and updos the girls are wearing. I love it! But to see it in real life and be the one taking those pictures is so much more fun. Prom, homecoming, and girls choice are forever going to be blocked out on my calendar for school dance pictures.


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