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Indee 6 Month | Cache Valley Milestone Photographer

Cache Valley Photo Connection Studio was the perfect place to take Indee's 6 month pictures. I love capturing milestones and the details of their cute little bodies and personalities. It was chilly and being indoors was a nice change. I had taken Indee's pictures before during the Shulsen's family pictures. You can check them out here and I instantly fell in love with her. I secretly wished my unborn baby would turn out to be a girl and be just as cute as her. Can you blame me? Those chubby cheeks, and the rolls on her legs would make anyone want to smoother her in kisses.

She is the happiest baby and was so content to be in front of the camera. I loved how much she loved playing with her toes with her pretty little red fingernails. Is there anything more cute than a baby with painted fingernails? Chelsee, if Indee comes up missing you will know where to find her ;)


Cache Valley Child Photographer | Milestone Photography | 6 Month Pictures

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