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Jackson Hole, WY Family Vacation | Family Friendly Things To Do

Family vacations can be super stressful to get ready for, but making memories as a family makes it all worth it. We knew that our kids couldn't make it very far in a car so we picked a spot for our summer vacation this year that we knew would be fun, fairly close to home, and something that would bring new adventures for the kids. We quickly found out that finding family friendly places to go with little kids was a bit harder than we thought it would be. Justin had spent hours googling things to do in Jackson that were kid friendly so that we could make the most of our two days there. We had the best time, and got to do so much because of his searching. I'll share some of our favorites here, and if I would recommend

them with little kids.

National Museum of Wildlife Art was a recommendation on many blogs he had searched. Fair warning-not a kid friendly place for really little kids. They did have a cool kid room and a couple kid sections to make some fun crafts. The kids loved it! But it was a little nerve racking having three small kids under 5 in a museum with lots of artwork and elderly people that were taking in the full art effect. Definitely take your kids to show them all the cool statues outside though. That part is free

and the highlight for the kids anyway.

Moose Drive was incredibly beautiful! Just type in Moose Wilson Road to Teton Village in your GPS. Justin found this moose RIGHT off the side of the road. The kids had a hay day seeing it so close. And then you can see more views like this one. Stunning! Definetly want to take this drive again next time we go.

Justin really wanted to go to the famous Moulton Barn with the incredible view of the Tetons. We went at sunset and WOW! The kids were amazed at all the squirrels that were running around and found sticks to try and make their own "squirrel holes." Walker loved loved them too, obviously, by his happy smile he kept giving them. On the way out to the barns we even found a few buffalo out in the field and a momma with two baby antelope. We tried our attempt to take a family picture with a tripod. A little difficult with that many little kids when they have nobody to look at, but it counts! Right? We're gonna count it anyway!

You can't go to Jackson without hitting up the Alpine Slide ! Walker was too little so Justin and I had to take turns with the other two kids, but it was still so much dang fun. They had a nice shaded area to watch them come down while we were waiting which was so nice.When it was our turn, Kenidy laughed harder than she has in a long time and wanted to go again and again. They have passes that you could spend your whole day there going down the alpine slide, mini golf, bungee tramp, hiking, biking, and the cowboy coaster. Next time we go back we would love to do the evening pass and be able to ride again and again.

So fun!

Motels are so expensive in Jackson! We stayed at The Hostel in Teton Village so we could be close to the gondola the next morning and be the first trip up the mountain. It was also a little cheaper to stay on the outskirts of Jackson. The kids thought the bunk beds were fun to play on but I wouldn't recommend staying in July or August when it is super hot. There is no ac but we just kept out window open until we went to bed and it stayed plenty cool for us. Staying in Motels was always one of the best parts of family vacations as a kid and our kids love it just as much. There is something so fun about staying somewhere that's not home that makes vacations even more fun. We still got the tourist town feel by staying in

Teton Village but for a better price.

Riding the gondola up to the waffle house was something we knew we wanted to do no matter what! We woke up early to be on the first ride up and it did not disappoint. So cool! The gondola takes you up to the very tippy top of that big mountain. (10,450 ft elevation) It's about a 12 minute ride to get to the top. The scenery was incredible the whole ride up. If your kids are bigger than ours there are many trails you can go hiking on once you reach the top. There isn't a bad view from the top. They have a couple of different look out locations that are perfect for a family picture at the top that show the Teton Mountains for your Christmas card or just to post to your Instagram. We got to watch a couple of parasailers take off from the top and watch them glide to the bottom. Vince's favorite part was playing in the snow that was still sticking around in June. Kenidy's favorite was the gondola ride and kept her eyes peeled looking for wildlife the whole way up and back down. Justin and I liked the famous waffle house, Corbets Cabin, at the top. Yum! All in all I would say it is worth the money to ride up!

Downtown Jackson is always fun to explore with the family. The arches in downtown are always a must! The kids loved going to the toy store right down town in the midst of all the shopping. They also loved watching them paint the outside of the building on main street. It was cool to see her work on it as we watched. The artwork all around Jackson is incredible. Another fun thing to do as a family is take advantage of the several walk ways. There are many that take you right by the river that are beautiful! Gotta work off all those calories from all the good food venues somehow, right? ;) You can pull them up on Google, or just on the outskirts of town has pull offs for several to choose from. The kids liked walking right next to the river and watching the sunset.

Thank you Jackson for making our summer vacation memorable and so much fun!

We can't wait to go back again.


Jackson Hole, WY Family Photographer | Things to do with Little Kids in Jackson Hole

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