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King Fall Family Pictures | Richmond, Utah Family Photographer | Cherry Peak

Cherry Peak in Richmond, Utah has so many incredible views. We took full advantage of everything fall had to offer with the King's fall family pictures this year and let's just say it was nothing but incredible.

I am apart of a Facebook group of photographers that have helped me learn, grow, and meet many other amazing photographers. Clair is one of them. She was looking for a family photographer from the group to take her own family pictures. There was a list of several talented photographers, but I decided to add my website to the comment thread. I got a message a few days later and was shocked she had actually picked me. I instantly stalked her profile and got giddy when I saw how cute her family was. We messaged back and forth to come up with the perfect location and date. I am so grateful for the opportunity photography gives me to capture so many amazing families.

Anya is such a doll, but was not letting her parents off the hook with the whole family pictures they were wanting very easily. Luckily, I have a few tricks up my sleeve and found a way to get those tender moments of family snuggles and the thrill little kids have when they find, yet again, the coolest rock ever. We managed to get a few adorable smiles. I loved getting photos of their favorites they were giving their family members as gifts at Christmas time. Nothing makes a photographer's heart more happy then seeing the pictures they have taken printed. I'm sharing a few of my favorites on the blog today.

Check out the cute King family.


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