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Kylee Green Photography Best of 2018 | Year In Review

January 2018 I made big goals for myself! I wanted to push myself and make my dreams of a photographer a real dream. And what a year it turned out to be! I pushed myself further than anything I had dreamed of for 2018 and got to meet so many great seniors, families, and couples.

My husband Justin always says " you never fail you only learn." I took that quote to heart this year as I pushed myself to achieve my high goals. Now as I look back I'm grateful I didn't give up when the months of frustration, getting my name out there, and the long nights of editing.

I heard about Kylee Ann Studios destination sleepover and knew this was my year to finally go! I had been wishing for three years for a chance to go and with a lot of convincing to my husband, and saving from every shoot I saved up enough to go! I loved learning from the master at marketing and learning and building relationships with other photographers. Arizona was beautiful but those cactus are no joke! Holy Dangerous!

My biggest accomplishment in photography during 2018 is I finally figured out my why. Why do I spend time away from my own family to photograph other peoples? I remember just after my grandma found out she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer going over to her house to visit she asked me while fighting back tears "do you think you could take some pictures of grandpa and I? We don't have any nice pictures taken together." May 2018 Grandma passed and those pictures I took of her and grandpa together are beyond priceless. Something me and the rest of my family will treasure forever. I learned in 2018 my "why" is to capture those moments with our loved ones that tell a story. Your own unique and beautiful story. A story that we can tell for years to come. Time is precious, and we only get to live it once. Make it a good one!

Thank you to everyone who cheered me on, trusted me with capturing their special moments, and believing in me this past year! I can't wait to see what 2019 brings.


Kylee Green Photography Best of 2018 |Preston, Idaho Photographer

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