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Layland Family | Weston Idaho Family Photographer | Cache Valley Photographer

We all know how hard it can be to get your family all together, coordinate outfits, and try to get everyone to agree to family pictures. But, when you do we make magic happen. I got to hang out with the Layland family this last fall and loved meeting all of them. It was a fun surprise to see a cute family from my ward that I didn't realize was apart of the Layland family. #Bonus

When talking locations with Patty she sent me a few pictures of her yard and asked if they chopped down a tree if it would work. Talk about dedication to get a spot with good lighting and beautiful for her family pictures! She ended up keeping her growing tree in her yard and we picked this amazing spot in

Weston Idaho.

When I left their session it was evident how much Patty and Jay loved their grandkids. With 11 grandkids it can be hard to make sure all of the grand kids feel important, loved, and adored. They made it look easy. That's one of my favorite things about taking family pictures is seeing how each family loves and interacts with one another. It was just an added bonus they had a few dogs to add in during their individual family pictures. It's always a fun challenge to add in animals to your family session. Animals are always welcome.


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