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Madison Geddes | Preston, Idaho Bridal Photographer | Cub River, Idaho

Cub River, Idaho is always gorgeous but add Madison in a wedding dress and have a recipe for some beautiful photos. The night had not gone as planned when her hair and makeup lady cancelled on her last minute, but she did an amazing job with the help of her sister and didn't even need a HMU. Madison looked incredible for her bridal session. I loved all the beading on the top of her wedding dress.

She wanted to take her bridal pictures at a family friends house that had an incredible yard. Turn out it was one of my old boyfriends from high schools parents house haha I didn't realize that was where we were taking them until we pulled up. It was fun to see his mom again and luckily she came home just in time to help us tie up Madi's dress.

I'm excited to see you in your beautiful dress again Madi. This time it will be the real deal! Yay!

Happy Wedding Day!


Cub River, Idaho | Preston, Idaho Bridal Photographer | Mountain View Bridal Pictures

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