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Parson Family | Preston, Idaho Extended Family Photographer | Cub River, Idaho

The best part of summer is all the family get togethers. The Parson family took advantage of being all together and updated their family pictures. It only makes sense, right? It was so fun meeting them and hanging out with their awesome family. I loved how playful and silly they were. We all laughed and made silly sounds to try and get the kids to crack a smile. Popcorn came to the rescue to bribe the kids to stick around awhile while we tried to get 4 little kids to all look in the same direction. No shame in bribery! Gotta do what you gotta do to get the shot, right?

They stayed up in a cabin up Cub River, Idaho for the weekend and we got together at the end of their family party to take some new family pictures. The meadow just before Willow Flats is always incredible, but these pretty yellow flowers just made it even better. I felt honored to be able to capture their family. Thanks google for letting us be able to find each other. I count myself pretty lucky to get to meet such great people. Judie is an incredible artist down in Utah. You can check out her work here.

Would you guess that the Parson's have a set of twins in their family? My sister and I talked about twins our whole childhood and how much she wanted a boy/girl set of twins. So when I get to meet a boy/girl set it's always extra special. ♥

You have to check out their youngest grandsons hair! Such an impressive mohawk. But he was bound to have great hair. Just look at his moms. Talk about hair goals.

Thank you Parson family for letting me hang out with your incredible family. I hope there is room for your new pictures next to all your artwork ;)


Cub River Idaho Photographer | Summer Family Pictures In Mountains | Idaho Extended Family Photographer

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