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Family pictures have always been so important to me so when other family's schedule their own family session it makes me so happy. There is nothing better than looking back at those pictures hanging on the wall and go back to the stage of life you were in at that time. No matter if its the newborn stage with spit up on their clothes no matter how hard you tried to keep their outfit dry, the clingy toddler stage when they only want their individual picture taken if you are in it with them, the soccer mom stage where you spend every weekend at a youth ball game for your kids, or the teenage years where you had to let them pick out their own outfit so they would come to the family pictures. Each stage brings back the memories and the joys of each stage.

Trisha and Justin have the cutest family and I am so grateful city league sports brought us together. If you've ever been apart of city league sports you will be extra grateful for the mastermind of putting all the teams together, getting everyone their equipment/jerseys, making the schedule, and still getting their own kids to all the practices and games. It's a lot of work, but I'm grateful for people like Trisha that put in the work so the rest of the city can enjoy having their kids take advantage of these programs. There isn't many things cuter than a little kid running around in a soccer jersey. Am I right?

While messaging Trisha she mentioned her husband was the one asking when they were doing family pictures again. She better hold on to him tight because he may have to fill in for all the dads that are dreading getting their own family pictures takes. Just kidding! Thanks Perry family for letting me take your family pictures! I loved hanging out with you.


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