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Phillips Extended Family Pictures | Riverdale, Idaho Family Photographer | Sunset Family Pictures

Every time I drive down the hill to Riverdale I think of how beautiful it is. Add this incredible sunset and the Phillips family and your set up for some family pictures.

Ami had messaged me for some updated family pictures of her own family and their cute family session ended up being new family pictures for her whole Phillips family. Big extended families have been my jam this summer and this family was just the cherry on top.

I went to school with Amy and always thought she was so cute and fun. I remember seeing on Facebook when her and Brad just started dating how cute of a couple they are. Now they have three kids my kids' same ages. It's fun to take pictures of other people's families that have as much chaos going on at their house with three little ones as I do.

While doing a phi-del alumni dance this past spring I got to meet Lynette. Can I just take a sec to tell you how perfect her hair is? It's spot on. Every time!Not only does she have amazing hair, she is such a patient momma. Her and Bailey have such cute kids. I'm such a sucker for boys in matching shirts

The amazing hair must run in the family because you have to take a look at how incredible Leslie's hair is. All my hair goals right there. Her and Ryan have the cutest little boy Beckett. Holy Hannah! That smile just melts my heart.

Nan and Leslie own the cute little clothing shop in Preston, Idaho called Magnolia Road.Check it out using the link to get yourself stinking adorable clothing. You won't regret it. They are always getting such fun and trendy stuff in. Do your husband a favor and shop for yourself for Christmas there and get you something you are actually excited to get dressed in the morning for. Write on the Christmas tag:

To: The best wife

From: Your amazing husband

Thank you Phillips family for letting me take your family pictures and for this incredible view

from your own back yard.


Phillips Extended Family | Riverdale, ID Extended Family Photographer | Sunset Family Pictures

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