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Preston Idaho Family Photographer | Riverdale Bridge Family Pictures | Sunset Family Pictures

The best part of being a Preston Idaho photographer is meeting so many new people that I probably never would have met before. For example- this fun crew! They wanted to give their mom something extra special for her birthday this year. A gift she would always remember. What better gift than one that she can hang on her wall and appreciate every single day, right? I love when family gifts a family session to their mom or wife. I know as a mom I would be so excited to find all the hard work already done. It shows true love, because anyone who has scheduled family pictures knows it can be hard to find a time that works with everyone's schedules and getting the husband on board with the whole idea. There was just one condition - A prop of his choice needed to be in every photo. ha I have had a lot of silly requests but this was my first "prop" request. Who knew a handful of grass could look so good ;)

These guys had me laughing the whole time as we enjoyed the beautiful sunset together on this cool bridge in Riverdale Idaho. I especially loved watching all the grand kids snuggle and laugh with their grandma and grandpa. Grandparents have such a special place in my heart that I love watching other kids making memories and enjoying time together with their own grandparents.

Family Photographer Riverdale Idaho | Summer Family Pictures

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