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Pulsilpher| Logan Utah Family Photographer| Cache Valley Family Pictures | Denzil Stuart Nature Park

I love that being a Cache Valley family photographer gets me VIP tickets into a family's life for the night. Getting to see first hand the snuggles a mom gives her baby when he doesn't want to take pictures anymore, the tickle fights with dad, the laughter, the play, the cheesy smiles. I don't think I have a favorite because it is all so tender and vulnerable. That's why I love my job so much. When a family trusts you to capture their love for one another and to hear afterward how much they love their photos afterward. It's just so rewarding. I love capturing all the little details of their little hands wrapped around you neck, the way their little tongue sticks out when they are really happy when they smile, the chubby baby wrists, their cute hair dos, and they way they kiss your cheek. Gah! It just makes me melt looking at these.

Jessica messaged me about family pictures and mentioned that they would be coming from Salt Lake. I felt more than honored that they were willing to make the drive. Especially with two little ones, because we can all attest to how hard it can be traveling with littles. The Denzil Stuart Nature Park in Logan Utah was the perfect place for the Pulsipher family's pictures. The river, bridges, beautiful trees, lots of fences, wild flowers, and big rocks looked stunning in their photos.

Jessica and Jayce have two of the cutest boys I have ever seen. Hudson and Carter were so sweet, full of smiles, and had the cutest little giggles. They were SO good for coming all the way from Salt Lake during rush hour. Go ahead and pin the gold star on both of their shirts right now.

Thank you Pulsipher family! I loved taking your family pictures in Logan Utah.


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