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Shulsen Family Pictures | Logan, Ut Fall Family Photos

Family pictures is always one of my favorite things to shoot. I love watching the family interact with each other and to see how each family is different, but the love for one another is always so evident.

Logan, Ut is always so beautiful in the fall! Downtown Logan was the perfect place to take the Shulsen family's pictures. I love when family's take advantage of the beautiful colors and warm weather. The Shulsen family was every photographers dream. Adorable, fun, easy going, so kind, and incredibly stylish. Can you believe that Chelsee already had all of these adorable outfits? Can you do all my shopping too, Chelsee?

Not only is Chelsee a great mom and wife but she owns the adorable The Craft House, and is a cosmetologist. Check her out if you need your hair done, or looking to decorate your house cute for any holiday.

Bryant and Chelsee need to consider have a whole dozen kids, because man are they cute!

Journee wasn't a fan of having pictures taken, but eventually caved to my corny jokes. Sounding silly was worth it thought, because look at her cute smile!

Finlee was full of life and had me laughing the whole time! I loved her spunky personality and how much she loved being in front of the camera.

Indee was the sweetest baby I have ever photographed! She was even teething and still just smiled the whole night through. And just look at those cheeks. Chubby cheeks get me every time.

 Chelsee and Bryant are in trouble when these girls grow up because these girls are going to have every boy drawing hearts around each of their girls' names. Can you blame them?


Shulsen Family| Logan, Ut Fall Family Photos| Downtown Logan Family Pictures

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