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Shulsen Kids | Cache Valley Children's Photorapher | Family Pictures With Dog

The Shulsen kids are a favorite to have in front of my camera. Not only are they adorable, but they are so full of personality, love, and even got to have their cute dog, Harley, tag along in the pictures this time.

(You can check out there adorable fall family pictures here )

Chelsee told me about their sweet dog Harley that her and her husband had gotten before they had kids had been diagnosed with cancer and would like some pictures with her kids with with their dog. It was so tender to watch the girls snuggle him and try and get him to stay put where they wanted him. Dogs always have a mind of their own and it was a fun new challenge.

It is always a good time visiting with Chelsee and seeing how much her kids have grown. Thank goodness for pictures to help us remember how great these moments are in front of us before they pass so quickly and to include a special member of their family just made it that much more special. ♥


Family Pictures With Dog | Logan, Utah Children's Photographer | Girl Family Photos

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