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Sunflower Field Family Pictures | Cub River, Idaho Family Photographer | Pugmire Family

Brother Pugmire taught in the Preston Seminary all while I was in high school. I never had him as a teacher but had always heard how much he loved his family. Him and Julie have 8 kids and each one is incredible. I felt honored that I got the privilege of taking their family pictures.

This sunflower meadow up Cub River, Idaho was amazing! I'm always amazed at the beauty. Put this great family in it, and bingo, you have a beautiful picture. I loved watching all of the siblings laugh at one another and how genuine the whole family was. I thought it was so cute how Maverick looked up to his Uncle Zachary and was only willing to take his picture if his Uncle was with him. I got some cute ones of the two of them together and sneaked in a few of just him. His smile is enough to just melt your heart ♥ Him and his brother McCrae are pretty spoiled with all those aunts and unlces loving up on them.

I never wanted this beautiful sunflower field family session to end. God always amazes me with the beauty he gives us every day. Thank you Pugmire family for letting me capture your genuine love for one another.


Extended Family Photographer Preston, Idaho | Sunflower Family Pictures | Cub River, Idaho

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