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Walker Green | Logan Regional Hospital Birth Story

We had been so anxious to meet you and see your cute squishy face. But it broke my mom heart to know that then I wouldn't be able to feel your little kicks on the inside and have our own little night club meetings wondering how you will change our lives forever. I sat up late many nights long after everyone else was asleep and watched you wiggle around and think about if you were a boy all the muddy sand piles you would play trucks in with Vince, or if you were a girl the tea parties you would have with Kenidy. Your due date, December 29, 2018, came and went with no signs of you coming anytime soon. I took a picture every day once your due date came of you growing. Not knowing when would be my last bump picture.

Sickness had hit our house and we all were suffering from colds just when Baby Green was suppose to make his debut. My Dr was willing to let me go over my due date to see if I could go on my own until I was 4 days over due. (40 weeks 4 days) At that point he wanted me to come in for an induction to reduce the risk of having to have a c section from the baby being too big for my body to birth on its own.

I called his office that morning, January 2, 2019, and talked to the nurse to see what the Dr suggested if we were still battling colds. Both of our other kids had coughs and runny noses and Justin was also not feeling well. They let us decide to go ahead and stick with our original induction date and wear masks when the baby came, or to come in for another appointment that day to check the weight and fluid levels. It also would mean my original Dr would not be the one to deliver if we pushed it back another day. We decided to go ahead as planned. The hospital called shortly after and said they were ready for me to come in! Eek! I cried. Happy and sad tears. I was so excited to meet you and to find out what gender you were, but change is hard for me. I cried at my last Dr appointment too. The nurse thought I was crazy when she asked what was wrong when I replied back "this is my last Dr appointment I get to hear his (I called it a he most of the pregnancy, certain it would be a boy) heartbeat. This is my last Dr appointment ever being pregnant." I have loved being pregnant and this pregnancy went faster than ever before. Even being so nauseous for almost half my pregnancy.

We got checked in at 1:00 pm and they started me on pit and a bag of fluids at 1:45 pm. They checked me and I was at 3 cm and 90% effaced. I had had several braxton hicks through out the day from 20 weeks-37 weeks. Once things were actually able to happen on their own from the "practice contractions" they almost completely stopped happening. Once they started the pit I was quickly reminded these were the real deal!

The nurse came in and let us know that the Dr would be coming in to check on us when he was done with his office visits a little after 5. He would break my water when he came in and she asked if I would like my epidural before then. Luckily I said yes at that point, or it would have been too late to get it later. They called in the anesthesiologist to come in. He got there at 5:25 pm. My fear of needles is INSANE! More of a phobia than a fear. Justin has always been my rock during labor, but especially when I am getting my epidural I am reminded just how great of a husband he is. If it wasn't weird for men to be doula's he should totally consider it! I knew I married a wonderful guy, but during these special moments he blows me away every time. He cries right along beside me and I know without a doubt he would birth every one of our children if he could to save me from the fear and pain. I love you Justin, and am so grateful to have little Justin & Kylee's with you. ♥

Dr Kirkman was waiting outside for the anesthesiologist to leave to come in and break my water. At that moment I remember thinking "it's for real! We're about to have this little one in our arms in just a few hours!" He checked me after breaking my water at 5:45 and said I was at 4 cm and 90% effaced. The nursed asked how I was feeling at that point and to check to see if the epidural had started to kick in yet. I was very uncomfortable and she suggested we switch positions and try laying on my other side. It worked for a few minutes and then the pain came back even worse. In the 20 minutes since the Dr had broke my water I felt like the baby was ready to say goodbye to all our loved ones in heaven and join our family! The nurse didn't want to check me yet. Where the Dr had just checked me 20 minutes before and the risk of infection every time they check you she suggested repositioning again.

Just after 6 pm the anesthesiologist came back in to check to make sure the epidural had kicked in and that my pain level was tolerable. I told him my legs were numb but I was very uncomfortable. He had the nurse come in and check me. She came in at 6:15 and called the Dr to come back to the hospital! I was at a 10 and ready to push.

We waited for the Dr to come back and after pushing through a few contractions the Dr proudly told us at 6:40 pm "IT'S A BOY!!" We were instantly smitten with him. Justin got to cut the cord this time. I could hardly see I was crying so hard from how grateful I was to finally be able to hold our sweet babe and to see he was healthy and everything had gone so smoothly. After holding him for several minutes the nurse took him to weigh him and check him out. We were shocked to hear he was a whopping 8 lb 1 oz. Our biggest baby yet! And the longest at 20 inches. He came out happy, healthy, and ready to eat! Obviously eating was a high priority even when he was hanging out waiting to make his appearance.

In life we spend so much time searching for these perfect moments. Rarely do we actually get to experience the "better than we ever imagined" moments. But the instant you see your baby for the first time it is always better than you ever pictured! There is so much evil and hate going on in the world around us, but all you can think about in that time is how grateful, blessed, and loved you feel.

"Labor is the only blind date you're sure to fall in love."

We called the kids to that night to let them know they had a new baby brother! It was getting pretty late and they were ready for bed, so we decided it would be best if they waited until the morning to come to the hospital.

We were bummed that the kids needed to mask up to be able to hold their new little brother, but you do what you need to do when you have a baby during the highest point of RSV season. Kenidy was SO excited! She had convinced Grandma to take her to the gift shop to buy the baby a new stuffed animal. A skunk no less. Vince was intrigued by the new baby but not so much by his mask. It didn't take Kenidy long before she was asking if she could hold her new brother. She is such a great big sis and loves her brothers more than anything. We are really excited to see how Vince adjusts to his new role of being a big brother.

Justin had thought it was going to be a girl and had been looking up girl baby names while I was in labor. We were pretty set on a girl name, but our boy names were a little more up in the air. We were considering between Walker and Easton. Naming your baby is almost harder then birthing them. We were torn between both names. We loved them both. We finally decided writing Easton on the birth certificate paper just minutes before we left the hospital on the 4th. Once we got home we just couldn't get it to stick.

The birth certificate office called a few days later to check spelling on everything and we asked if it was too late to change his name. She said we could have a few more days to decide. To celebrate his 1 week birthday we changed his name from Easton to Walker. We feel like he looks more like a Walker and I can't get over how cute it is when Kenidy says it. She makes it sound like she is practicing her rapping! ha

2019 started out better than any other! Walker joined our family January 2nd at 6:40 pm. We are all smitten with our 8 lb 1 oz baby. Heavenly Father has blessed my life in many ways but those moments they have placed my babies in my arms for the first time are my very best memories. Knowing they just said goodbye to all our loved ones in heaven to bless our lives forever. We love you Walker! We can't wait to see how you change our family for the better. ♥


Logan Regional Hospital | Birth Story| Walker Green

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