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Walker Newborn | Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Walker has already been apart of our family for a month and we are all still mezmorized by our little newborn. He loves to eat, sleep, his binky, bath time, and to be held. Your siblings are both obsessed (we all are) by your little noises, hiccups, tiny features, and especially when you smile. Walker, your the sweetest little baby that we all fight over who gets to hold. Lucky for me, I'm attached to the food source so I get the most snuggles. Your the best little baby and to hear you cry is a rare occurrence. Your truly a little slice of heaven 💕 You’ve reminded us just how much God loves us-by him giving us these little people to take care of and love on. I dreamed of being a mom my entire life, and practiced with my dolls until I was 12. But nothing could prepare me for the overwhelming love these tiny little humans would bring. When we first found out we were pregnant with you, I was beyond nervous how I would handle THREE kids at home. Luckily you have been an angel, Vince is his sweet self, and we’re all learning to best support Kenidy’s spunky, strong willed self. It may make for a few crazy years having 3 kids in 4 1/2 years but I’m looking forward to watching you all become best friends.

Justin is the best daddy to his littles. He calling in life was truly to be a dad. He loves so easily, gets on their level, plays like he is their same size, and makes them feel important and ready to take on the world! No wonder they all end up being a daddy’s girl/boy after the 1st year and don’t need mom for constant feedings. It melts my heart to watch him talk to you and tell you all life's best secrets. You love your daddy so much.

Kenidy can't get enough snuggles in and is constantly asking if she can hold you. She takes advantage of meal time when mom is busy cooking and needs someone to hold you. It's not uncommon to hear her singing you a little song. Most often 'You Are My Sunshine.' It makes us laugh the way she says Walker because it sounds like she is a rapper in training saying "Walka." She is a little fashionista and thinks that picking out your clothes for the day is pretty much the same as winning the lottery. Her only hard part of having a new baby is that she has to ride in the back row of the car all by herself. Besides that, she asks when we can have another baby... don't get your hopes up sis!

Vince has always been the sweetest little guy, but when you came along we got to see a whole new soft side to him. He loves “baby” and wants to be beside him all day long. Vince struggles to say "Walker" so he calls you "Baby" or "Boss" off of the Hushin YouTube channel Dad loves to watch where they call the guy "Walker Boss." It pretty much the cutest thing to hear him say. His favorite is to pet his hair or stick your finger inside of his binky so he can feel him sucking on his finger. Getting diapers and wipes is his favorite chore around the house. Or to come to the rescue with a binky (although we are still working on what side he is suppose to grab so we can put it in your mouth.) Since we have brought Walker home Vince likes to play with Kenidy’s dolls and pretend to have a baby of his own. We can’t wait to see the best friends you become as you guys get older. Take care of him big brother! Look out for each other always. Stick together when times get hard. Show him how to be as kind, loving, and how cheer each other on.

We love you little guy!

♥/ Mom


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