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What To Wear For Family Pictures

Does what to wear hold you back from scheduling your own family pictures? I have been there. You want new updated pictures of your family to hang on your wall, but it stresses you out to come up with outfits. So you put it off another year. As a photographer, I take family pictures all the time and want to share my best what to wear tips to take the stress out of getting your pictures taken.

Wear What You Feel Comfortable In

If you don't feel comfortable in what you are wearing, it will show in your your pictures. Don't pick anything you feel self conscious in, even if it is the right colors you were wanting. If you are unsure, give it the mirror test. When you look in the mirror and automatically start pulling at your clothes or wished it looked different, try something else. Instead, pick out something you feel gorgeous and comfortable in. Don't be afraid to borrow clothes or accessorizes from other family members or friends. You will like the way your pictures turn out better, and want to print them  to put on all the walls of your home.

Dress Up

You will be printing these pictures to hang on your walls for years to come. These will be the pictures you send out in your Christmas cards, and even to your grandma for her "bragging wall." Pick out an outfit that you feel excited about every time you see the photo of yourself.

Moms look great in maxi dresses. They really flatter the body and show lots of movement in your photographs.

Button ups, a nice v neck, or collared shirt always looks great on dads and boys.

If you feel uncomfortable about your arms, pick a long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve. If you are trying to cover up your bottom, a dress or long shirt will keep from showing off those features.

Pick Complimentary Colors

Start with one outfit that you really love. It can be your own, or another family members. Once you have a starting point for your main color add accent colors that compliment each other. You can find different shades, patterns, and textures that look good together to add variety. There is no need to be matchy matchy. Photographs actually look better when you color coordinate rather than everyone matching.

Another tip for picking a color pallet that takes away the stress of what to wear is to figure out where you are most likely to hang your pictures. Pick colors that would look good with what you already have hanging on your walls. White, cream, khaki, light gray, greens, blues, burgundy, soft pinks, with pops of color all look great on camera.


Adding accessorizes brings so much texture to your photos. Consider wearing hats, watches, scarves, earrings, hair accessories, belts, or jackets. Pick one or two for each family member and your photographs will really pop.

Avoid Logos, Writing, and Distractive Patterns

You want the main focus of your photographs to be you. Avoid shirts with sayings or logos and even bright colored tops that will reflect onto your neck or face.

I hope these quick tips help you when choosing what to wear for your next family pictures! I can't wait to see what outfits you choose that fits your family's personality.


What To Wear For Family Pictures | Family Tip

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