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Why You Need to Hire a Professional Photographer For These Five Major Life Events

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

A Time Magazine article about DIY smartphone photography tips emphasizes how easy it now is to take incredible pictures. Gone are the days where you had to have equipment that could cost you $100s-$1,000s to capture quality images. Now, nearly every smartphone has multiple cameras that feature stunning resolution, endless storage, professional-looking filters, and easy ways to immediately view or print your pictures.

Seemingly overnight, this technology has turned the average smartphone user into an amateur photographer. It has even convinced many into thinking that they no longer need the services of an experienced photographer.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Professional photographers offer so much that cannot be replicated on a smartphone. This is especially true when it comes to capturing some

of your most important moments. Expert photograph Kylee Green invites you to learn more about why you need to hire a professional photographer for five of life’s biggest events.

Starting a business

Becoming a business owner is no easy feat. In every industry, it takes countless hours of planning, saving, learning, and strategizing to start a business. And once you’ve officially launched, the hard work has only begun.

Whether you are opening a brick-and-mortar location or an online store, quality photographs are essential in boosting your sales. Hiring a photographer like Kylee Green who works with businesses in a variety of industries can give your brand a competitive advantage. She knows which angles, backgrounds, techniques, and lighting can make your products look their absolute best. In addition to product photography, service-based businesses also benefit significantly from engaging and on-brand images.

Your wedding day

According to Brides Magazine, the cost of wedding photography can range between $1,000- $10,000. Although it comes with a sizable price tag, capturing the precious moments of your wedding day is something that you will be thankful you did for years to come.

Unlike a friend, family member, or acquaintance with a smartphone camera, a professional photographer like Kylee Green knows exactly which moments to capture. The value added by this level of experience is something no amateur will be able to replicate. Additionally, photography packages always include editing, which can further enhance the look and feel of your pictures.

Selling your home

To get the highest price for your home, hiring a professional real estate photographer is a must- do. Even the most advanced smartphone camera and filter techniques won’t match the quality that you’ll receive from an expert. Before having your photos taken, go through the process of staging your home. Photographers will be able to capture much more of your home when it is depersonalized. To make your home look like a clean slate for potential buyers, be sure to take down all family photos, as well as anything too opinionated or offensive.

Taking family photos Whether for a holiday or for no occasion at all, taking annual family photos is a wonderful way to preserve your memories for generations to come.

However, family photo sessions can often be stressful. If you want the best possible images and

photo session experience, hiring a professional like Kylee Green is the way to go. She can help

plan out your images in advance, knows how to get the attention of your little ones, and can

handle any unexpected situations that may arise.

Major celebrations

From anniversaries to birthdays, it is important to preserve the memory of major celebrations.

Inevitably, though, someone is designated the party “photographer,” and ends up sacrificing

their own enjoyment.

To al low everyone to be present and in the moment, consider utilizing the expertise of Kylee

Green. Although it may seem a bit extravagant, having the opportunity to relax instead of

worrying about taking pictures is worth the price. You’ll walk away with your own memories, as

well as memories captured on film.

On top of helping you capture and preserve the most important moments of your life, working

with a photographer like Kylee Green is an excellent way to support a small business in your

area. The vast majority of photographers work by themselves, or with a tiny crew. Therefore,

they rely on consistent bookings to keep going. Next time you are planning a special event,

consider how a photographer might further enhance the experience.

Do you have a major milestone on the horizon, or do you need new pictures for your business

website? Whatever your photography needs, turn to the expertise of Kylee Green. Reach out

today to book your session!

Written by: Katie Conroy

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Alfie Solomons
Alfie Solomons
Nov 09, 2022

Nowadays, no large company can do without the help of technology. The HR department is now closely associated with innovative technologies, which undoubtedly help to analyze, predict and create a comfortable environment for the growth of companies.

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