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Wilberg Family |Preston Idaho Photographer

With Veterans Day being earlier this week I thought it was the perfect time to share this cute family with all of you. Ethan knew he was going to be deployed this month and mentioned during their session they hadn’t had professional pictures together as a family. I wanted their family pictures to be something that he could look at while he is gone and missing his pretty wife and adorable little boy and know how proud they are of him. But not only how proud they are, but showed the love they have for one another.

Jessica and Ethan's little boy, Koi, was so full of life and wanted no part of having his picture taken. He was much more interested in looking at airplanes and seeing if he could find a cow. He spent his birthday eve showing off his cute smile and even a few silly faces. Kids are so great at showing us that even in the stressful parts of life to slow down and enjoy the simple things. Like an airplane streaking across the sky or wildlife.

It was fun watching them love on their little boy during tickle fights and chasing him as he explored this big world he has before him.

Thank you Ethan for your willingness to leave your family and fight for our freedom.


Preston, Idaho Photographer | Wilberg Family| Family Photographer

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