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Maddie & Ty| Kylee Ann Sleepover | Desert Anniversary Pictures | Phoenix, AZ Photographer

You know those dreams you know you want to accomplish one day? Yeah, me too. I remember hearing about one of the first ever Kylee Ann Sleepovers that was going to be hosted in Logan, UT. It was just weeks after buying my camera. I longed to go, but didn't have the funds to go yet. And being a nursing mom made it hard to leave my baby behind. When Kylee Ann announced she was doing her Kylee Ann Sleepover in Arizona I worked my butt off to be able to go. I wanted to grow my business to it's potential, and finally didn't have a nursing baby I didn't have to worry about leaving. Just a 30 week baby in the belly that had it's first flight ha. He didn't like it, but I'll save that story for another day.

I had never been to Arizona but longed to shoot in that dreamy light with cactus all around. And boy did it reach every expectation I had! There was a bit of a learning curve adjusting to having to watch out for the cactus all around. But luckily I had some good friends to help me pick them out when I stepped on them. OUCH! Those bad boys have no remorse. Maddie and Ty just welcomed there sweet baby girl to their family just this week. She was just entering her second trimester when we took these and that pregnancy glow looked stunning on her. Bliss Tulle looks amazing on all women, but Maddie made it look even more incredible. After seeing it in real life, I added having one of my own to my birthday wish list. Now somebody just remind my husband of that when July comes around ;)


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