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Madison & Logan | Preston, Idaho Engagement Photographer | Rustic Photo Shoot

Getting engaged is such an exciting moment in your life! I love that Maddie and Logan let me capture their love and celebrate with them for their August wedding coming up. They wanted an old rustic feel and had the perfect spot already picked out. I have shot at the grain elevators in Coolum before but this time was extra special.

It was such a perfect spring evening and these two just made it that much better. When I asked them what their favorite things about each other are Maddie immediately replied that she loves the way that Logan answered that she loves how soft hearted and considerate Logan is. Logan was quick to reply that he loves how she sees the good in him when he can't. My favorite part of the night was that Maddie couldn't help but have a giddy smile on her face the whole time we were taking these and the way that Logan looked at Maddie just radiated how in love they are.

It was so fun watching how happy and in love they are as they laughed, snuggled, had a tickle fight, and snuck in a few kisses during their engagement session. While we were taking their pictures, a guy driving by told us we could use go to his junkyard is we were interested. Logan loves anything with a motor and was excited to pick out a few of his favorite cars to get a few pictures by. I love that it helped add to their personalities and passions. Congratulations on your engagement! I'm looking forward to your wedding coming up :)


Preston, Idaho Couples Photographer | Rustic Engagement Pictures | Kylee Green Photography

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