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Phillips Family | Family Photographer Riverdale Idaho | Grassy Field Family Pictures

Being a family photographer gets me in all all of the best moments. Ami and Brad have such stinking cute kids and I love having the opportunity to spend time with so many different families as we make magic happen that they want to hand on their walls. Not to mention all the sunsets I never miss out on taking family pictures in the evenings. Brad's parents live down in Riverdale, Idaho where we took his family's pictures. You can find them here. Ami wanted extra photos of just her their own little family and we couldn't have asked for a better night for family pictures.

I went to school with Ami and always thought she was so cute and fun. I remember seeing on Facebook when her and Brad just started dating how cute of a couple they are. Now they have three kids my kids' same ages. It's fun to take pictures of other people's families that have as much chaos going on at their house with three little ones as I do.

There was something extra special about taking the Phillips family pictures. Maybe because our kids are the exact same ages, including one girl and two boys following. It reminded me of how much I love this stage of life and how I want to always remember every part of it. The perfect baby teeth, their hair blowing in the breeze as they run through the grassy field (can we just take a minute and soak in how amazing their little girl Marley's hair is. Holy smokes!), how they kiss your cheek, the chubby baby knuckles. I want to bottle it all up and make it last forever.


Family Photographer Riverdale Idaho | Family Pictures with 3 Kids | Grassy Field Family Pictures

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