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Makeup Tips For Better Photographs

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

Make up is such an important part of making you look your best in photos. As a photographer and make up artist, I have seen lots of different make up looks. I am going to share my top 5 best make up tips with you today so you can look your best in front of the camera.

Maskcara Makeup Artist
Makeup Tips For Better Photographs

  1. Add more make up than your usual routine! Don’t be afraid of it looking “too much” because the camera has a tendency to wash you out. By adding more makeup, your best features will really shine.

  2. False eyelashes will make your eyes pop. A tip for applying false eyelashes is let the glue get a little tacky before sticking them on and they will stay on better. Magnetic lashes are always a great option too.

  3. Fill in your eyebrows. They don’t have to be dramatic, but by filling them in it will add more dimension to your eyes.

  4. Wear lipstick! And bring it with you to apply throughout the session. Pick a soft pink or a bold color, but try and stay away from nudes. Nudes will make your lips blend into your face in photographs.

  5. Contour! Contour your forehead and cheekbones to make your face look skinnier. There are so many great YouTube videos to show you right where to put it.


Kylee Green Independent Maskcara Makeup Artist | Preston, ID

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